Amrita, The Divine Nectar

Jake Trigg
2 min readFeb 14, 2024


A love poem for the goddess

Amrita, such sweet nectar.

You are both my opposite and my equal.

With you I feel and contain it all.

Direct experience of Eros.

The pulse of life.

At once expansion and allurement.

Moving outward and inward.

Attracted by gravity and pulled apart by centrifugal force.

As if each moment will last forever and will never happen again.

The dichotomy of universality.

How many incarnations did it take to develop such a fit?

I am both attracted and repelled by you.

Desiring to be with you forever and to never see you again.

Wondering if we'll ever reach the limits of the depths to explore.

And uncertain how to handle the pressure from such pure potential.

At ease when we are together.

And torn asunder when we are apart.

So that I may stitch myself back together stronger and more present with my true self.

Each yearning is a lesson on what to give myself.

Each jealousy is an opportunity to reassure myself.

Triggered with grace.

In a constant state of curiosity and inquiry.

Running into the abyss.

Leaping from the canyon's edge knowing there is little difference between falling and flying.

Holding you I am content beyond measure.

Because you are infinite.

Within your container I am all things.

Nothing can top the feeling of breaking through the barriers to realize more of who I am.

Witnessing your mastery is a blessing.

Contributing to your path is a privilege.

I could spend eternity explaining what you mean to me.

You are the reason art exists.

Your body is a canvas that will never be captured because it is always becoming.

Being the inspiration for all.

Blossoming near the ground your dark place opens.

Wet with the dew of our passion.

Wet with the taste of my tongue.

Amrita, such sweet nectar.



Jake Trigg

Author. Father. Artist and singer. Austin, TX is my home and canvas.