Blessed by Tibetan Monks

Jake Trigg
3 min readMay 14, 2023


These dudes are magical!

What a blessing it was to be with some monks from Tibet this weekend. Whatever you think about monks, forget that because these were some magical, multidimension beings. The experiences pulled together many threads, both literally and figuratively. Whoa!

I joined them for 3 events each of which imparted wisdom and presence. The first event was about the 8 verses of training the mind.

The biggest takeaway was that the key difference between enlightened beings and everyone else is the focus on others. Focusing on the self is a cause of much suffering. By focusing on others suffering is relieved.

The 2nd event was an activation for purification. The 3rd was activating wealth. Both of these events I felt things I've never felt before. It's difficult to put into words. The monk's chanting and repeating the matras was otherworldly. Some shifts occured and I'm curious to see what comes of it. At the very least I now have two red string necklaces that were blessed by the Dalai Lama and over 1000 monks!

Then today as a special conclusion I visited the Air BNB where the monks were staying and received an astrological reading. In the reading I was surprised to learn that of all the communities that I am growing into the one that may hold the most for me is to live in a castle with the Dreaming Society 😴🤯🏰 which I get totally sounds made up but it's now that's happening...oh, divine guidance, you never cease to delight and amaze...

Here’s Tara’s mantra:

The other insight from the reading was that I have a karmic connection with the deity Green Tara. She is referred to as the Wisdom Goddess, the Goddess of Universal Compassion and the Mother of all Buddhas.

Today just so happens to be Mother's Day which by itself is more than a coincidence. The other interesting connection is that I just finished teaching Yoga for Joy and my mom joined for the first time. That's too many sycronicities to count.

The spirals continue as signs that I am moving in the right direction, and that what's happening isn't necessarily logical or even close to where I might think I'm going.

What I do know is that I am here to serve. And trust that what is revealed is meant to be. What a ride this life is!



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