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3 min readMar 5, 2024


Dreaming with eyes eye open

When is the last time you thought about or even meditated or journaled on how you will like your life to be well into the future?

Of all the practices I've learned this may be the single most important, to envision the future further out then I can logically figure out.

I had a couple Calls for Clarity today with folks wanting to have clarity around their chosen profession.

We explored their current experiences and the options, and went into what the true choices are and what is and is not desirable. Results: clarity around direction and decisions in the realm of profession.

What I noticed along the way as undertones are questions I've often wondered and worried about. What is the next "best" step? How can I know out of the multitude of options and preferences that which I "should" do?

As a multi-passionate person, I've asked such questions in so many ways and explored the answers with similar variety.

The conclusion I've realized for myself is that I can know what my preferred next step is based on three main criteria:

1. Is the step moving in the direction of my long-term vision?
2. Does it feel good?
3. Does it makes logical sense?

Where I can go wrong is in focusing solely on #3, whether the step makes logical sense. Often times the answer there is a no and I still do it anyway.

Operating exclusively from law-gic prevents opening to the maw-gic.

If I try to think my way from where I'm at to where I would like to be then I can get lost.

Because if I understood how to go where I want then wouldn't I already be there?

Where I want to go is often beyond what I can logically consider because it is beyond what my mind can understand.

Here's an example. I play chess occasionally and can only think a few moves ahead. I am not a computer that has the entire game codified so I don't know every move.

How boring would that be?! If someone tells you the ending to a movie doesn't that take away from the experience?

Spoiler alert: life is intentionally unpredictable.

Life is also reliably influenced.

How's that for a conundrum?

The trick I've found is to create the future further out than makes logical sense. To dream with eyes wide open. To feel having already achieved.

Then the future pulls you towards it. Or rather your infinite potential is activated to move beyond the boundaries of your current experience and create that which you most prefer.

In the past I didn't know it was possible to think and feel beyond survival mode.

In the past I struggled with knowing what I preferred and enjoyed because I was limited to what I had already experienced.

In the past I wasn't creating my future beyond what I already knew.

In the past I was striving for presence at the expense of honoring the past and envisioning the future.

Presence is wonderful. It can solve a lot of problems.

And problem orientation is itself a problem.

Having a future vision elevates the mind beyond problem orientation and into creator mode.

Seeing and feeling the ideal future shifts from consuming to creating.

If any of this is landing for you then I invite you to a FREE Call for Clarity.

Call for Clarity is a 30 min call to explore whatever you would like and I'll ask questions and perhaps share practices. Today the calls were mostly around professions. Last week was more about self-imposed limitations and emotions.

I'm honestly not sure who or what themes will come next and that's exilerating. I'm also not sure how much longer I'll be offering these for free. For now it's for fun and to help as many people as possible. Because ultimately helping others is helping myself. The more of us tapped into our fullest potential the better the world will be.

Clarity is calling. Will you answer? Comment Call for Clarity to pick up.



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