Manifesting Divine Downloads

Jake Trigg
3 min readAug 8, 2023


Receiving downloads is only half the equation

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Divine downloads are cool, but what’s really important is the install.

You've probably heard the phase or perhaps even used it yourself. "Last night I got a divine download."

Nice. Congratulations. What happens next?

There are two primary currents of energy flowing through the body. One current moves up. The other moves down.

Moving up is the current of liberation, the lesson of life.
This is the journey through safety, sensation, power, love, expression, vision and enlightenment (or realization).

This flow can be seen in Maslow's hierarchy of needs with self-actualization at the top. What most people don't know is that late in his life Maslow found a higher part to the pyramid. He called this self-trancendence which is moving beyond the self and tapping into the resources of something greater.

At the top is where the download is received. This is where the divine comes in. But really that's just half the journey.

The download alone isn't enough. In order to make an impact it needs to be installed.

The download itself is just a package of data and may not yet make much material sense. Sometimes the download just makes things more confusing. It can then be integrated and brought back into the operating system (your brain and body) and the world.

Moving down is the current of manifestation, the lesson of mastery. This is where the install happens.

For example, manifestation require passing back through the heart. Manifestation requires connection or other people to make it happen. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

Like I recently met with someone who had manifested a cookie. We celebrated this, and then the next day I received a free cookie at Home Slice. Then a few days later I saw a girl scout outside of Trader Joe's and bought some cookies. Then I decided I was eating too much sugar and used an NLP technique to change my taste for cookies. The moral of the story: careful what the people around you wish for because you just might get it.

Oh gosh. Now I probably sound like someone who would use the phrase divine downloads...for the record I don't. I prefer to say I had an insight. I suppose divine download is a charged phrase for my masculine mask...

Anyway, back to the main point, receiving a download is amazing. But what's more important is what you're going to do with it.

How does the download change your perspective and behavior?

How can it make a difference for yourself and/or the world?

Not knowing what to do with a download is okay and quite normal. The install process can vary drastically. Patience is required. Yet so is persistence.

The install may not happen immediately. The package might sit for a while until you are ready to integrate it. Like a seed waiting for the optimal conditions to grow. It could be just the next step to take on a journey that will unfold as it happens.

Or maybe it begins installing but memory is ruoted to other programs. The install...stalls, waiting to resume at a later time after more pressing installs complete. Like a peer-shared mp3 at the turn of the century...actually that's during the I'm really mixing metaphors.

Are you still with me? The conclusion is near.

Or perhaps the package auto-installs. If the grounds are fertile and prepared then the seed may sprout and grow immediately. Some of the most powerful shifts are indeed subtle and can occur quickly.

Downloads can be motivating but they really need to be installed to make an impact.

And if you aren’t sure what to do with the download, that’s fine too. Just keep going and it will all be revealed in divine timing...I mean according to the highest good for all…

Life is a cycle between liberation and manifestation. Receiving downloads is only half the equation. What you do with it from there is what makes all the difference.



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