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3 min readFeb 13, 2024


You don’t have to die to learn the same lessons

In the past month, three different women have said it looks like I've started to reverse aging. Compared to where I was just a few years ago it certainly feels this way.

Back in 2019 I thought I had a dream life. Successful career traveling the world, 2 kids, a wife, and multiple houses. On paper, it all looked great.

However, inside I was dying a slow and painful death. I was riddled with anxiety, addictions and inflammation. Always striving for something to try and feel better. Taking medications that simply numbed the pain without addressing the root causes. Unable to truly connect with my wife or my life because I avoided emotions. In a state of entrainment with entertainment, leveling up digitally while I rotted personally. Tossing my seed into the abyss.

Overall I was wasting away in all areas of my life that weren't providing value to my career or exterior success. Such is the story of many a man taught to be a provider and doing the best he can with what he was provided.

A selfie from May of 2019 shows me thinking I was on top of the world despite all the contradictions. It was taken in the CN Tower in Toronto which until 2007 was the tallest building in the world. As I looked down through the glass floor and felt the unease in my stomach I had no idea this was foreshadowing how far I had yet to fall.

The fall began abruptly with a car smashing into me as I was riding my electric bike home from work. In my depths I know that I died that day and was given another chance. But there was still a lot to heal in the coming years.

This isn't the story of my healing journey. Of finding the right teachers and developing skills and experiences to become who I am today. Transforming from a stagnant player into a moving prayer.

What I'd like to leave you with is insight from the recent upgrades around women saying it looks like I've started to reverse aging.

In the past 6 months, I've taken my 20 years of yoga and meditation and gone deeper into the study and practices of Tantra. What I credit most with the recent development is what can be called recirculating energy.

I've gone deep with practices of moving energy within the body (and between bodies). Rather than expelling the most precious life force in the standard ways, preserving it, conserving it, and reserving it for progress rather than mere pleasure.

I credit these tantric practices with another stage of revival. And I'd be happy to share an especially simple one with you if you'd like. Please note this is only for men.

It's called the Million-Dollar Point because men who have used it report feeling like a million dollars.

It's too private to share here but can be explained in a brief voice message. So if you are interested then comment Million-Dollar Point below, or DM me, and I'll send you a message.

May you often experience the natural state of physical ease, mental clarity, emotional freedom, and spiritual liberation.



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